Preparing for Flawless Photos

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

As many of you know, my fiancé and I just recently took our engagement photos. Our photographer, Kirstie of Capture Life Studios, was amazing! She definitely captured our personalities and made sure we got all the shots we wanted. She set aside so much time for us and made us feel like we were her top priority. She made this whole experience so wonderful and easy for us!

I used several staple products of mine to prepare for the photoshoot and I thought I would share! Each of these products made such a dramatic difference and I don’t know what I would’ve done without each and every one.

  1. Crest 3D Whitening Strips – I’ve used these for years along with Crest’s corresponding toothpaste and mouthwash. I use the toothpaste and mouthwash daily but the strips are only supposed to be used once a year. The toothpaste and mouthwash keep my teeth white all year; so, I just use treatment two weeks before the photoshoot just to freshen up my smile.
  2. Jergens Natural Glow – I don’t know which is whiter, my smile or my skin. Luckily, Jergens keeps my skin from reflecting sunlight. I use this after I shower to build up a gradual tan and keep my skin looking healthy and alive!
  3. Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3D Top Coat – With the engagement shoot being all about the ring, I had to make sure my nails were as flawless as possible! (Which was harder said than done since I’m a nail biter.) This product is great to prolong any nail polish since it is a clear coat. Plus, it is way less expensive than getting your nails professionally done but gives them the same effect.
  4. Benefit POREfessional Primer – Makes any foundation glide over it like a dream while making your face look flawless. Is there anything bad to say about it?
  5. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – This is a new product (to me) I used for this photo shoot and I am officially hooked! It instantly made me 5 shades darker but managed to still look like a natural tan. Not to mention, I haven’t been very kind to my legs in the past. Being an athlete definitely left by legs bruised and scarred. This product did a great job disguising all of these marks! It has a slight glitter to it which adds a gorgeous glow to the skin and make it look, as the bottle suggests, air brushed! Must have in your beauty collection!

Again, I can’t thank Capture Life Studios enough. She made this such an incredible experience and we will definitely treasure these pictures for the rest of our lives!

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