Fitness Haul


Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

Unknowingly, I turned my vacation shopping into kind of a fitness haul. I’m not sure how that happened but when a sports store is going out of business and everything is 90% off, things happen. And nothing motivates me to work out more than new toys to play with! Which, it’s about time I got off my booty and got myself into wedding day shape. This haul happened none too soon! Apparently Sports Authority is going out of business (which was news to me) so we stopped there first and picked up some odds and ends. I picked up a waist trainer to try out because they are all over social media and I had to jump on board with trying out the fad. It’s not the corseted super complex waist trainer that’s going to rearrange my organs by any means; but, it’s just enough to help target stubborn areas. I also picked up a light set of dumbbells for my place so I can do more of my workouts at home. I’m not looking to become a body builder by any means, (Clearly. I mean these dumbbells are microscopic.) I’m just looking to tone. So this set is perfect for my needs. After we exhausted Sports Authority, we were on a fitness streak and headed over to a Nike outlet store nearby. I was in DESPERATE need of new tennis shoes (my last pair has survived for over 6 years so YAY but now they can be great knock around shoes). So, I picked up some new Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 shoes. They are a different style than I’m used to but I’m beginning to really enjoy them! They’re very flexible and super lightweight. (The murdered out all black look is definitely a bonus for me too.) Lastly, I snagged this super cute hoodie. I don’t think I’ll work out in it by any means, but it’s super cute and lightweight. May be a good cover up to and from the gym? Either way, I broke out most all of these items the second I got this home! I’m super excited to continue using these throughout my fitness journey!


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