Behind the Scenes – Blogger Tag


Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer

I’ve seen this tag circulating the blogging community for a while and found it so interesting to see a peek behind the scenes of other writer’s blogs and lives. It is so fascinating to me how many different backgrounds, techniques, and opinions everyone else has. I’ve been wanting to do this tag for a while now and Writings and Worship finally convinced me to do it. She is such a sweet girl, be sure to check out her post afterwards. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Where do you blog?

I do most of my blogging curled up on my couch in my living room. I do have a full time job and when I get home I literally melt into the couch haha! If being in the living room is too distracting, you can also find me sitting at my dining room table. (Sometimes the couch is WAY too comfy and I struggle to keep my eyes open!) Either way, I don’t tend to stray from my home too much when I blog.

Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

I find inspiration from life in general. Some of the time, I’ll just think to myself about things I would want to read or would enjoy reading about. A big help comes from surrounding myself with creative individuals (in real life and my “cyber” life). WordPress and Pinterest are some of my favorite sites to go to get inspiration.

How long does it take you to do a blog post?

It definitely all depends on the post. The lengthy posts where I tag multiple items can often times take anywhere from one to two hours. I don’t think I have ever spent more than two hours on a single post before!

Do you plan your blog posts? If so, why?

YES! I’m a huge planner. I love it! I feel like I would be lost or wouldn’t be as great of a blogger (not saying I’m amazing at it haha) if I didn’t plan. Planning helps me stay focused on finding inspiration dedicated towards the subjects I am going to write about that week. Also, planning helps me spread out different topics so I don’t get too many fashion, beauty, etc. posts in a row. I can’t imagine not planning!

What kind of camera do you use?

I use the ever so glamorous iPhone 6 🙂 I am semi new to the whole blogging scene, so I wanted to get a full grasp on what all I was getting into before I spent hundreds of dollars on a fancy camera.

What editing programs do you use?

Um, none really. Does that make me a bad blogger?

Do you use a notebook to track ideas?

I am a perfectionist so writing ideas down in a notebook to be erased, changed, and crossed out isn’t really my style. I do keep an ongoing list on my computer and on my phone so I can easily edit it.

Do you take your pictures?

Yes, I do take all my own pictures. Unless it is specifically mentioned in the post, (see my post Preparing For Flawless Photos for an example) I take all of my own pictures. I don’t want to gain all of my followers due to gorgeous photography that isn’t mine. It’s all me here! 🙂

What’s your favorite posts to write?

That is the first hard question of this tag…I would have to say fashion posts would be my favorite. So far, they seem to be getting the most interaction. Interacting with all the fellow bloggers out there and supporting each other is really one of my favorite parts of this experience. It’s great to write a post you are really passionate about and then have great conversation with others who geek out over it as much as you do!

Who knows about your blog?

All my friends and family know about my blog. It’s a fun part of my life and I like sharing that with them. They’ve been extremely supportive and I can’t thank them enough!

Are you an organized or messy blogger?

HAHA organized.

Biggest blogging pet peeve?

It’s such a fun expressive part of my life, I can’t think of anything I don’t like about it. Maybe I just haven’t been doing this for long enough to really know what annoys me! I’m still in the honeymoon stage 😉


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