Hot Spot : Colorado Hidden Gem

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

Let’s talk about this gorgeous historic town that is WAY under appreciated. Georgetown is a cute little town tucked away in a small valley along i-70. Whenever we drive by, we make sure we pop into Georgetown for some shopping and sweets! Georgetown Valley Candy Factory gives me life. I can’t go to Colorado without picking up some amazing sweets at this cute little shop. The one thing that always tempts me the most is their fudge. OMG…I can’t describe how good it is. However, this time around, I decided a scoop of their Rocky Road would suffice my sweet tooth. Once we grab a cone (and whatever other goodies we were tempted into buying) we take to the shops! There are a few tourist shops that sell the generic shirts, mugs, whatever that EVERY store sells. However, there are also many stores there that are owned by amazing artists and families that sell some pretty unique stuff. I love looking through the Railroad Art by Scotty and Santa Fe Trail Jewelry stores for some truly unique pieces. Although I could never afford any of the pieces they sell, I’m a big supporter of local artisans. The thing I love about this town is the history in all of the buildings. Besides normal upkeep, it looks as though the town has not been touched since the 1800’s. And all of the family owned businesses give it the truly small town feel which I love. It’s definitely one of my go-to’s whenever in the area. When you are in the area next, be sure to stop by (even if it is just window shopping).


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