Girl’s Shopping Trip OOTD


Sweater : Charlotte Russe  |  Leggings : Charlotte Russe  |  Shoes  : Charlotte Russe  |

|  Hat : Nordstrom Rack  |

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer

A much needed girls shopping trip was needed after this busy holiday season. I finally broke out some of that holiday cash/gift cards that accumulated over the holiday and put it to good use. (No worries, a haul is coming soon.) Knowing full well that I wanted to get some clothes, I made sure my outfit was easy to slip on and off to try clothes on. My go-to winter wardrobe consists of booties, leggings, and sweaters. Naturally, I had to break out this cute little sweater I recently purchased. I’m partial to the all black look, so I finished it off with black in various materials. I’m in love with these leather leggings. I really need to pick up some more! And these little black booties are a must for shopping. I love the height of the heel because it gives you the cute look of heels but at a comfortable height (which is so crucial when traipsing through the mall all day).

What is your go-to shopping outfit? Leave a comment below!

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35 thoughts on “Girl’s Shopping Trip OOTD

  1. Every new outfit (unless it is super complicated or a black tie piece) is fair game when it comes to wearing it to acquire yet another new outfit, I find, because why else would you have nice outfits if not to show them off when buying more outfits… I find this cycle oddly rewarding 😀

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