Beauty Trend : Oil Pulling

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I’ve been trying out oil pulling with coconut oil for the past few months and have been really liking the results. My teeth are visibly whiter and my mouth definitely feels much cleaner afterwards. I love doing this 2-3 times a week. I encourage everyone to try it! Most likely, you already have coconut oil laying around the house. If not, there are so many uses for coconut oil that you will definitely find another use for it if you don’t like oil pulling. However, I think once you start this habit, you’ll get hooked on it!

I definitely chose my words carefully “liking the results”, because the whole process of oil pulling kind of grosses me out. The coconut oil texture is something I still am not used to and I’m not sure I ever will! But if I didn’t see the great results that I have, I definitely wouldn’t keep it up.

How To :

Use about a tablespoon amount of coconut oil

Swirl it, or “chew” it, until it melts

Find something to do to preoccupy yourself while you swish it around for a few minutes

Spit it out after about 15 minutes IN THE TRASH (do not spit it out in the sink)

I like to brush my teeth afterwards to get rid of any excess coconut oil

Try it out for yourself and let me know what your thoughts are. Leave a comment below about something you love the results of but hate the process. I’d love to know!

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