Sorting Through My Wardrobe

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer

With the New Year, I wanted to do a little something different in order to sort through my wardrobe. I’ve been blessed with many more clothes than I need or even wear. Normally every year or two I go through my wardrobe and donate a box or two of clothes I don’t need. I donated a pretty substantial amount last month and wanted to try out a new method of sorting through my wardrobe this year. I got this idea off of Pinterest, where all good ideas come from, and wanted to give it a go! I turned all of my hooks around at the first of the year so they’re all facing backwards. Every time I wear something I’ll take it out and put it back on the hanger the correct way. This will help me see at the end of the year what I’m actually wearing and what I haven’t touched. I love this idea! Along with showing me what I don’t wear, I’m thinking that it will motivate me to wear things I haven’t touched. My closet is so packed that a lot of the time I can’t see the entirety of my closet. The hangers will help draw attention to the items I don’t normally gravitate towards.

I’ll keep you guys updated throughout the year and, of course, the end of the year when I make my donation. I’m super pumped to rediscover all the clothes in my own closet! It’s a fun game for me and will eventually do good for those who need these items more than me.

Where is your go-to donation center? I normally gravitate towards Goodwill but I’m thinking about looking into a youth or women’s shelter this year. Let me know down below where you like to donate!

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