My Go-To Second Day Hair Styles

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer

For those who don’t know, I resist washing my hair every day. Normally I wash my hair every third or fourth day. For those in between days that dry shampoo just isn’t doing the trick, I like to opt for these styles. They are simple and take little to no time to complete!

Half-Up Styles

This is definitely my number one go-to when I have second day hair. With most of these styles, I can easily style it without the need of dry shampoo. For this first picture, all I did was style a top knot. This is great if your top strands aren’t curled or straightened after a night of sleep. Not needing to apply heat on your hair again is definitely a plus. The second picture is a super easy and professional look to achieve. I just took two larger chunks of hair from around the front of my face and pinned them back with bobby pins. The last picture is very similar to the top knot but instead of a bun, I tied my hair into a ponytail. It’s super easy to style in under a minute and keeps your hair out of your face.

All-Up Styles

These styles are ones I swing more towards on day three hair. All-up hair styles are my go-to for hair that there is just no saving but I have no time to wash. As you can see from the pictures above, I definitely don’t do anything crazy.


Hats, along with all-up styles, are my last resort styles. Depending on the season and occasion I’ll switch up the hat but I definitely live in hats on the weekends where I get to just bum around.

What are your go-to styles for second day hair? I’d love to incorporate some new styles into my routine.

*Majority of pictures taken from Pinterest

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Wedding Wednesday – Wedding Day Hair

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer

My hair for the big day was a big decision to make for me. Besides the dress, the second most important thing is definitely the hair. I always knew I wanted to wear my hair down on my wedding day. (I’ve been growing it out for years.) Though I knew I wanted it down, I needed to figure out how to have my hair down and not take away from the back of the dress. For those who missed it, check out my Wedding Wednesday – The Dress post to see pictures. Naturally, I immediately began searching Pinterest for the perfect style and of course I found it. I had my stylist curl all my hair and then pin it all to one side. I love the way it looked! It was absolutely perfect with my dress style.

I got my hair done at Salon Vici and I highly recommend them. Their salon is seriously the cutest and they do great work. I go there for all my cuts so of course I trusted them with my big day style. They did an amazing job!

My hairpiece came from Stacey’s Bridal, the shop where I purchased my dress. The piece added the much needed sparkle that was missing from my hair. It complimented my dress’s pendant so well. I’m really glad that I bought the hairpiece, especially because I didn’t do a veil.

All in all, I loved how my style turned out. It looked exactly like my inspiration picture but better with the hair piece! Let me know what style you want/had on your big day. Leave a comment below!


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*All pictures were taken by Capture Life Portraits. Stay tuned to see more!