Welcoming Home the Peanut

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

Today I’ve got some fun (and furry) news to share! We have added to our family and recently welcomed home this little kitten, Beanie.

Getting To Know Beanie : We have had the little one for such a short amount of time but I feel we are getting to know her very well. Mostly because she follows us around constantly and is almost always touching us in one way or the other. She has little knowledge of personal space and would much rather lay up on your neck than on your lap. Beanie is a fan of 5 minute power naps then 15 minute play hard sessions. She’s constantly under our feet and demanding attention (with a cute little meow like hers, I can’t say no). And lastly, she is obsessed with her older sister, Leila.

Fitting In : This sweet little black and white beauty is fitting in great with our family and we are so excited to have her. We adopted her from a local shelter about a week or so ago and are just starting to get into a routine. For those who don’t know, we have an older kitty Leila who is just over 3 years old. Leila wasn’t too sure about something so small and rambunctious. However, we are finally getting to know each other and realizing that it’s kind of fun to have someone else to hang out with! We heard lots of little kitty-cat paws running around all of last night and even found them playing around with each other a bit. Beanie is watching her older sister day in and day out. She’s easily and rapidly becoming Leila’s little shadow. We have been searching for a little kitten for Leila to hang out with for a while now. (My husband and I both work full time jobs and feel that Leila’s personality needs a friend.) I’m so glad we found this little knucklehead! I think they’ll grow up great with each other!

The Name : My family has a bit of a tradition when it comes to animals. As I’m sure many of you agree, your pets really do become family. Whenever a beloved pet passes, we get a new animal and give them a name to honor the former. For those who may not know, I lost my sweetie a month ago. One of her many nicknames was Bean-head (LONG story haha). I felt that with this new little kitten, she exemplified many of the traits I found in my Bean-head when I adopted her. Thus, the name Beanie came to fruition. I think the name suits her well and we’ve already given her many other nicknames along the way – like “stop that”, “get away from there”, etc….just kidding! J

Be sure to keep stopping on by to see more pictures as we get to know this little peanut more. I’m sure there will be much more (as I can’t control my crazy cat-lady traits) and we can’t wait for all that’s to come!

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Meet My Fur Baby

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer

Hello there, my name is Leila. I’m a two and a half year old kitty (almost three) originally from a small town farm here in the Midwest. My momma picked me out when I was just a few weeks old and could barely even meow. I’ve grown up with my mom and dad in various apartments so I love hanging around with them all the time. I always like to keep an eye on my humans. My mom and dad talk to me all the time, so I talk right back! They say I meow all the time; but, isn’t that why they talk to me?


Some of my favorite things :

I love cuddling in my momma’s hair. I always have and always will.

I love playing with my tail (a trend I’ll never grow out of).

I love getting treats!


Some of my least favorite things :

When dad picks me up and holds me when I’m trying to play.


When mom and dad leave for work in the mornings.


My favorite places to sleep :

Any small box I can get my paws on (if I fits, I sits).

Mom and dad’s closet shelves, preferably dad’s sock shelf.

On my corner of the sectional by dad’s lap.


What I’m most curious about :

Any dogs or cats that come into my home.

The big world outside. Trees, grass, wind. So many things to explore!

When mom and dad play videos of kitties meowing. I know they’re here somewhere!


What I’m most scared of :

The main apartment hallway, I know I smell all kinds of animals out there.

Loud sirens like the fire alarm. I know they protect you but at what cost?!

Car rides.


Things you should know about me :

There is no place that I can’t get to.

I love playing with socks so you better hide them from me.

I have a big personality and a loud voice to back it up!


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