May Favorite Posts This Month

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

I know I say it every month; but, seriously, how is May already over? I feel like I just left for vacation but that was almost a month ago now. Wow! Check out some of my favorite posts to come out of this whirlwind of a month.


Working Girl Outfits x Mallory Mileham

It was such a blast to collaborate with this amazing YouTuber! If you’re in need of some serious working girl outfit inspiration, check out both of our posts.


The Interview Outfit That Won’t Fail You

The fashionably neutral outfit that won’t throw up any red flags to your future employer.


Wedding Wednesday – Honeymooners Paradise

Trying to plan your honeymoon or romantic getaway? Be sure to check out where we stayed during our honeymoon and what our thoughts were!


Stripes & Sangria

My favorite outfit from the honeymoon. So chic and so perfect for the beach!

Leave me a comment below and let me know which post was your favorite!
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Beach-side Drinks

Top (similar) : Forever 21   |  Shorts : Charlotte Russe  |  Shoes  : Poshmark  |

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

Really wish I could be spending this Memorial Day weekend enjoying drinks out over the open ocean but these memories will have to suffice! I could think of no better outfit for exploring the resort than an off the shoulder cropped top and some denim shorts. Both pieces allow you to wear your swimsuit inconspicuously underneath without taking away from the outfit. I love this top and it has been in my wardrobe arsenal for years. It was originally from Victoria’s Secret and it has held up through the years beautifully. I’ll link a similar one in this post.

Leave me a comment below letting me know if you have a favorite outfit to hide your swimsuit!

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Stripes & Sangria

Top : Charlotte Russe   |  Jeans : Target  |  Shoes  : Poshmark  |

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

Writing this post is hitting me right in the feels. I’m missing that gorgeous Jamaican weather and the beautiful breeze! My skin is definitely missing the sun as well. I feel like we have been under one big giant cloud here in the Midwest for the past two weeks…ugh. But, on a higher note, this was one of my favorite outfits of the trip and I’m very excited to show it to you today!

This top was my first new purchase for the trip and I fell in absolute love with it as soon as I saw it. It just screams the need to be on a boat in the tropics to me. I paired it with simple white shorts and these adorable Michael Kors sandals. (I won’t even try and be boujee with that, they came from TJ Maxx. No shame!) It was the perfect outfit to start off our vacation and so comfortable too. It was nice to have something flowy after a long day of cramped flights the day before. Now that we are back in the states, I’ll definitely be breaking out this little number more often!

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Paradise In A Post

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

On Wednesday, I told you all that my husband and I recently just got back from Jamaica. (Yes, it has been a tough transition back to reality.) And I don’t want to hold you in suspense any longer. Take a peek into our gorgeous trip to Sandal’s Whitehouse. And don’t you worry, outfit posts will come very soon!

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Wedding Wednesday – Benefits of Using A Travel Agent

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer

Today I wanted to talk about the fun stuff that comes after the wedding, the honeymoon! Planning your wedding is hard enough. Don’t add another stressor by planning your honeymoon too. Relying on a travel agent will relieve your stress and will also get you amazing deals. Here’s my main reasons I highly recommend getting a travel agent.


They can plan your whole trip within the time it’s going to take you to find decent airfare pricing. This is also a great benefit for procrastinating brides. 😉


They’ll find you the best rates for airfare and your stay. I’m not kidding when I say that our travel agent got our trip to cost literally half as much than when I was just looking on my own. This fact alone makes it a homerun in my book!

Free Service

They’re free to get you the best deals? No contest.


Packaging your flights and your stay not only helps the price go down but it also makes life much easier. Having your entire itinerary planned out by someone else will enable you to enjoy your vacation all the more!


You can know exactly where you’d like to go or just know you want a beach (like I said to our travel agent) and they will pair you up with the best place for you. They are very familiar with the resorts that they send you to so you can trust that you’re getting your dream honeymoon no problem!

So, go ahead and Google some great travel agents in your area and forget about trying to take on all that planning yourself! Enjoy your wedding planning and let someone else work out your honeymoon details. Let me know your dream honeymoon destination in the comments below!

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New Find at the Drugstore : e.l.f. BB Cream


Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

Long time no see! There has been a lot going on recently and I finally found some time to sit down and write, and none too soon. I’m surprised at how much I do miss blogging after going without it for a couple weeks!

I wanted to take today to talk about a new product I found recently. It’s definitely not new to the drugstore but it is new to me! Recently I went on a vacation and was in need of a little lighter of a foundation for the hiking, zip lining, and all around active days that were soon approaching. Normally, I use the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and it’s great! Not too heavy but definitely more high coverage than I was aiming for on vacation. So, I opted for trying out a BB cream. After some searching, I decided to try out the e.l.f. BB cream (in the shade nude). What intrigued me about this product is the easy squeeze tube and the SPF 20 was definitely an added bonus. It did a great job for its intended use! It lasted through sweat and rain and didn’t end up looking patchy by the end of it all. It’s definitely a lower coverage than I’m used to but I kind of liked the “effortless” look it gave my skin. It can be built up to a bit higher coverage to cover some problem areas, but I wasn’t really concerned with that being out in the wilderness. All around, I think this is a great product and I’m not sure why I waited so long to try a BB cream! I’ll definitely keep it handy for days where I’m just not feeling a full faced look.


Travel Outfit


Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

Far away destinations are some of the best vacations; however, getting there is not always the best time (especially if you have an extensive drive or flight). For me, I tend to get antsy around hour 4 or 5 of a drive/flight. I don’t particularly like sitting and being unproductive for extended amounts of time. Although, when I have to travel, you can most definitely find me in a comfy outfit. My first inkling when picking out a travel outfit is definitely not to be fashion forward. This is a usual travel outfit for me: comfy t-shirt, leggings, over-sized jacket, shoes that are easy to slip on and off, and a good pair of sunglasses. I love the utility jackets because they are so comfortable and can dress up any outfits easily! Adding this on top can make your travel outfit look put together and well thought out.


Travel Essentials


Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

As many of you know, I am on vacation this week. My favorite part of the year, Colorado time! I thought this would be a great time to show you some of my traveling essentials when it comes to vacation or extensive traveling. I could write you a book of all the items I brought with because I’m one of those over packers, it’s a habit I refuse to quit. Let’s just focus on two of my main bags I bring with me: my go-to bag (essentially a carry on) and my beauty necessity bag.

My go-to bag, as I like to refer to it because we are driving instead of flying to Colorado, is kind of a catch all for my important goodies. These are items I can’t live without, at least not for too long! The obvious items would be my laptop and phone. Those two items will help me get through the 10 hour car ride! Of course, I pack the chargers for both of these items, however I do like to throw in my portable phone charger. This definitely comes in handy out in the mountains where reception is spotty and secretly draining my battery. Packing a selfie stick is also a must for those great views! My small arms can barely get myself in a photo, let alone myself and a mountain. Knowing the destination, I’ll throw in a travel container of both sunscreen and bug spray. I’ll be sure to pack a pair of headphones, sunglasses, my keys, and wallet. And finish off with some items such as perfume, concealer, mascara, etc. for small touch ups when we arrive.

As for my beauty necessity bag, this is packed with all kinds of things I find myself reaching for on a daily basis. I’ve learned, the hard way, what items I simply cannot leave the house without! Take a look and maybe this list will help you to not forget anything you may need!

  • Tweezers
  • Nail Clippers
  • Nail File
  • Mini-Scissors
  • Eye Drops
  • Travel Mirror
  • Chapstick
  • Lotion
  • Travel Perfume
  • Q-tips
  • Cotton Pads
  • Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

I hope this helps you figure out what is worth bringing along and what can stay home. Safe travels to you all this summer!