Why I Started Blogging

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer

Today I wanted to get a little more personal with you and dive into the biggest question I often find myself asking other bloggers – Why did you start blogging? I love all the different ways that people get into this amazing field.

Going back to where the thought to start a blog all started would be about this time last year. I was at my first ever corporate job working with a program I was well versed in doing the same monotonous job 8-5 every day. For a creative soul like me, it was absolute torture. Every day at work I brainstormed ways to try and satisfy my creative itch. I’ve always watched YouTube vloggers and loved all the fun topics they talk about. However, I’m not much of a video person so I knew that was out of the question. I’ve always enjoyed writing though so I started exploring different bloggers. Just reading all of their thoughts and ideas in such a creative environment really struck a chord with me. I started looking into different blogging platforms and contemplated taking this journey for a few months. At that point, I could barely decide where I wanted to go with my career, let alone hobbies as big or time consuming as a blog.

When the first of the New Year came, I left my corporate job for a smaller more creatively hands on design firm. That satisfied my creative itch, big time. However, I still loved the idea of blogging and getting to talk about whatever I wanted. The creative freedom was definitely hard to pass up. So, in April of 2016, I finally decided to start my blog! I’m so happy that I did. I can’t imagine life without it now. I love interacting with hundreds of people who share the same likes/dislikes as I do in more than just their careers. Sure, I can talk to our vendors about how beautiful a piece of art is or how perfect a sofa is in a client’s home; but, getting to talk about a makeup product that I actually use and am adamantly passionate about is an amazing feeling. Starting my blog was a great outlet to exercise all of my creative freedoms in every aspect of my life.

Even though I’m not in my unstimulating corporate job anymore, I still find myself needing to satisfy my creative itch in other areas of my life. Even though my corporate job did not work out, I’m glad that job pushed me to explore this opportunity and helped me discover one of my now favorite hobbies. I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I would love to know how you got started blogging. Is your story similar to mine? Leave a comment down below. 🙂

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What Apps Are On My Phone

What Apps Are On My Phone.PNG

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer

I wanted to do a fun post today giving you a little look inside my phone and what apps I use daily. I love seeing what other people have and I hope you guys love it just as much! I won’t really touch base on the standard apps that come pre-installed on the phone because that’s boring and everyone has those.


I don’t have my own personal Spotify account yet. I tried making an account to put my wedding playlist on but their system was messing up big time. I used my sister’s account (bless her soul) for the wedding playlist and haven’t gotten around to deleting the app yet.

Social Media – Facebook (Facebook Messenger), Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube

Because who, in this day and age, can go without these apps?


I love using WordPress’ mobile app. It makes it so easy to post and interact with people on the go. I use my laptop to write my blogs but my phone for most everything else!


There is no other place to go for inspiration and motivation than Pinterest. I wanted to give app a special shout out because by the time you’re reading this, I should have Obsessive Compulsive Designer’s Pinterest account up and running! Be sure to follow it for more!


For those who don’t know, I also have a full time job and so many opportunities happen from networking. LinkedIn is a great networking tool. I don’t spend much time on it but I always keep the app on my phone for when people want to connect


My obsession. Amazon Prime is everything!

Bank App

Nothing special, but definitely a must. I’m one of those people who checks my accounts daily.

Best Fiends

I first heard of this game from Casey Holmes on Youtube a few months ago. I am SO addicted to games like this. I won’t go into detail, because I’m definitely a nerd when it comes to things like that, but you should definitely download it and give it a go. It’s free so why not?

Design Home

I just recently downloaded this app and I love it already. I’m an interior designer by profession so a game like this is right up my alley. It’s so interesting to me to see many of the vendors we carry on this app.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is WAY better than the Calendar app that Apple has pre-installed on your phone. Google Calendar is how I keep my blogs organized, and really my life. I’m not big into writing on a physical calendar because I’m always moving stuff around and I hate the imperfection of eraser marks.

Little Moments

This is the major photo editing app I use for all my blog photos. All my photos go through the same filter and correcting. I love this app because you can select filters but choose how opaque you want them to be. I don’t like giving my pictures the over-edited look so this app is perfect.

Live Collage

This app I don’t use as often. I just use this app to put pictures in a collage or stack them. Other than that, I don’t touch this app.


I hope you enjoyed getting a peek into my phone. Let me know down below what apps you recommend. I would love to try out something new!